Mission Statement

The Mission of the Matheson Memorial Library is to connect our community with library resources and services that enrich, enlighten, and entertain.

Vision Statement

Matheson Memorial Library will provide excellent customer service and quality materials, resources, programs, and experiences. We will provide free access to these in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We will promote partnerships in the community, encourage lifelong learning and evolve to meet the needs of the community.

Core Values

We believe:

  • That an accessible and free library is fundamental to a free society
  • In literacy and lifelong learning
  • In intellectual freedom and the personal privacy of all our users in accordance with the law

We value:

  • Excellent service

We offer quality service to all users. Staff is friendly, helpful, and strives to enhance user experience with each interaction

  • Respect

We practice courtesy and civility in our actions and attitudes; we value, support, and respect all patrons and staff

  • Teamwork

We celebrate unique talents and work cooperatively towards the library’s goals with trust and enthusiasm

  • Open Access

We value free and open access to all collections and services in a nonjudgmental manner to all individuals and protect the privacy of all users

  • Innovation, imagination and creativity

We value continuous learning and innovation; we encourage creativity, imagination and the life of the mind

  • Responsiveness to community needs

We strive to offer materials, programs, and experiences that meet the needs of our community

  • Good Stewardship

We are responsible stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us and are accountable for proper use of public funds

  • Diversity

We value the background and culture of our residents and recognize that a diverse community fosters growth and tolerance